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PR Updated Leonard Rosenthol (Sunday, 28 February)

Regrets Chris Lilley (Wednesday, 24 February)

[Reminder] Concrete proposals and use cases re: HDR support Canvas/WebGPU/WebGL Pierre-Anthony Lemieux (Thursday, 18 February)

Public calendar Pierre-Anthony Lemieux (Wednesday, 17 February)

2021-02-09 meeting notes + next telecon Pierre-Anthony Lemieux (Wednesday, 17 February)

PR for cICP & iCCP Leonard Rosenthol (Tuesday, 9 February)

Telecom reminder: February 9 at 2100 UTC Pierre-Anthony Lemieux (Tuesday, 9 February)

2021-01-26 meeting notes Pierre-Anthony Lemieux (Tuesday, 9 February)

Color Workshop: Speaker deadline extended to 8 February Chris Lilley (Monday, 1 February)

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