summary of user stories

Hi Folks

I have taken a stab at rewriting the user stories in a consistent template and adding all the comments

see Under each objective there will be a subheading that seas "summary".  The "summary" is the user needs list in the new format.

I have tried a slightly different form of 

As a user who xxxx  I need  to xxxx so  that  xxx. This includes: 

1. Here we have a list of the details so that falls under this user need.


Note there are sometimes more then one per obective.

so , for example under objective 7 after the long list of user needs we have a summary that looks like this:
Summary for 7

As a user who often can not use a website I want to be able to give feedback easily from every place that I get stuck So that I am not excluded and the site is aware of my needs. This includes:

I want to be able to give feedback as soon as I get stuck from any part in the process.

I want to be able to give feedback, and ask question, and get feedback

 in a similar time frame to everyone else

Using my preferred communication method (form, email, chat , phone support) that are being provided, and it accessible to me

I know how to get help or information, such as context-sensitive help or tooltips. 

I  know how to get human help and can manage the process easily.

All the best

Lisa Seeman,

Received on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 18:23:10 UTC