Review of documents


I did another pass through the Design Guide and Content Usable docs. 
Most comments are thoughts for the next iteration.

However, I think the following should be addressed before we publish

# Content Usable

* Remove ednotes
* Remove Empty “Status of This Document” section
* Update Acknowledgements
* Add Roy Ran & Steve Lee to editors?

# Design Guide (and Appendix of CU)

We’ve mostly done enough now with PR 94

* Some Pattern Examples do not have failures - does it matter? I think no
* Graphical Indicators - I'm not convinced the diagram is make the point 
* Fix "find from bbc gel"
* Fix "zn"
* Fix "See GOV.UK"  - cannot link to live sites
* same Example for Use Clear Words and Use a simple tense and written 
language - and should the Patterns be merged?
* remove "Note that “white space” is a term that means the background 
color. It does not always need to be always white! "?
* 5.11.2 7.3.3 incorrect bold use and using bullets


Received on Monday, 24 June 2019 12:10:47 UTC