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Janina and I met over the phone and discussed the CAPTCHA document. Because I cannot attend today’s COGA meeting, I’m posting to the list both the items we discussed, and some draft language for proposed changes. In addition, we discussed the need for images that illustrate some of the types of CAPTCHAs and possibly issues that are being discussed. We are gathering some of these issues, but if you have images with creative commons license that could be added please send them to Janina.

Maybe add additional paragraph: (draft language needed. Jennie should have time to create a paragraph on Thursday evening if others do not already have something to propose)

-inclusion of anxiety issues. Challenge + multiple failures will lead to abandonment of task

-consideration of those using computers at a library or other community computer? They do not necessarily have download capabilities.

-add a bit about these two issues, and add references to stroke research re anxiety and failure.

- add documentation citation; or other disabilities and age related issues if appropriate

Section 1.3 - need to spell out AI since first use, or have as a glossary term (in Google quote, 2nd last paragraph.) Especially because visually the I looks like an L.

Section movement-based and game CAPTCHA - issues for those with vestibular issues? Direction following issues? (give her language - include John R on email and COGA list)

2.2.1 - is there any concern that messages from those with spelling related disabilities' messages will go into the spam filters? (add some type of caution, letting people know a first time correspondence may have significant spelling errors, and then get caught in the SPAM filter, and may be a person reaching out for government services therefore monitoring SPAM filters is very important).

3.1.1 - could this section title be misconstrued to mean someone missed the section called Version 1? Would quotation marks be appropriate?

3.1.1, paragraph 2: "The date" has a capital letter on The, but this is the middle of a sentence (line 3). Also "All cookies" - all has a capital. And "All Javascript" - is this purposeful?

3.1.2: 1st paragraph has misspelling? Promising

3.1.3: define DTMF key, TTS

Section 4, paragraph 4 - would it be important to disclose to end users what types of data is being shared? Users with cognitive disabilities may not be able to make a knowledgeable decision about participating if they are unaware this data is being shared. (it is even more dramatic because they may not follow through on the steps to research issues not disclosed within the page)

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