proposal to address way-finding in the next version of the gap analysis

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For the next version of the gap analysis we need to address way-finding

We had a similar issue on the personalisation task force. We addressed it by splitting it into modules. the main document then just had introduction and background and then linked to the modules


we could adopt a similar format for the next iteration of the  gap analysis. and have modules about 

background people with cognitive disabilities, 

the summary of issues, 

the tables of how technology ,

 and then in a separate list we can have  the sections of the appendix (persona, testing, requirements, making a policy etc)

(we can use the bullets in as a starting point)

We will still need to make each module readable. such as having a better flow of interconected issues. but this might be a good start

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Received on Thursday, 24 May 2018 15:09:16 UTC