Re: Latest information on COGA proposed criteria for WCAG 2.1

Lisa thank you for the quick reply! Mary Jo and I will pull this 
information into our presentation at AccessU. 


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The latest versio n is at
But there will be new drafts on 
WD: May 16
WD: June 20

Also you may want to mention the supplement

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Hi all,

I am presenting information on the COGA task force work at AccessU this 
coming week based on the talk Lisa and I gave at CSUN earlier this year. 
I'd like to update the deck to include the following things: 
latest proposed language for the Success Criteria
known status as to what has reached consensus by the AG WG for:
inclusion in WCAG 2.1 
moved to WCAG Silver 
published in a best practices document

Is there anywhere I can pull this information from easily that you can 
point me to? I need to have method to determine the current state, if that 
is available.
Best regards,
Mary Jo

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