Proposed wording for support personlization

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We need wording for personlization support. It will be better if we have wording that does not require adding semantics as that will be considored a burden and will get a lot of  resistance.  However we want to encourage it.

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For pages   that contains  interactive controls or non essential content  one of the following is true:

- there is a mechanism is available for personlization of content that removes non essential functionality and content,  and enables the user to add symbols to interactive controls for essential functionality or

- contextual information can be programaticaly determined for essential functionality and content and essential functionality and content can be programaticaly identified.


we define Essential functionality and content as - the minimum functionality and content that is essential to identify the topic and fulfill the purpose of the content

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Received on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 12:22:03 UTC