Re: process for second pull request

Leonie wrote:
> The problem is that the discussion is then scattered between the original Github issue, n number of PR threads, plus a conference call or two and quite possibly some discussion on the email list.
Well, that is a problem already. If it is on the pull request then everything can be included there:

- Link to the previous issue page at the top;
- Comments from the survey or call can be added as comments on the PR, e.g. 
- Updates to the pull request (i.e. new commits) still go into the same pull request.
- The description at the top of the PR should be kept up to date with the latest SC text.

It does take time for the SC manager gather everything into one place, but I can’t see a better alternative at the moment. At least now I (as SC manager) can edit the description on the PR so anyone coming to it can see the latest text.



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