Re: GPII standards work

I found some gaps. I went to edit the wiki and found out that I had
forgotten my password. I went to reset it and am still waiting for the
email to arrive to change it.

Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date:	02/09/2015 11:14 AM
Subject:	Re: GPII standards work

Thanks John

Steve Lee

On 9 February 2015 at 16:43, Rochford, John <>
  Hi Steve,

  I just reviewed that content. It looks good.


  John Rochford
  UMass Medical School/E.K. Shriver Center
  Director, INDEX Program
  Instructor, Family Medicine & Community Health
  Twitter: @ClearHelper

  From: Steve Lee []
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  Subject: GPII standards work

  FYI I've added the Cogg a11y details to the info on GPII standarisation

  Hopefully useful for impact assessment?

  Steve Lee

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