Re: Proposal for structure of COGA documents

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On Sep 16, 2014 9:36 AM, Michael Cooper <> wrote:
As we discussed on the call yesterday, I propose we split the document
the TF has been working on into two:

1. User Research
2. Gap Analysis

The User Research document would contain research and information about
the needs of people with various cognitive and learning disabilities.
This is the bulk of the material in the current document.

The Gap Analysis would be a separate document, intentionally shorter. It
would focus on how technology meets the needs of people with cognitive
and learning disabilities, and where technology and guidelines do not
address those needs at present. It would reference the User Research
document for expanded information but would not replicate that
information. This would allow consumers of the Gap Analysis to focus
specifically on that content, but find the expanded information easily
if they need it.

The User Research document is currently more mature so would be the
first one we publish. The Gap Analysis would follow. The titles of these
documents is up for grabs, these are just placeholder references.


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