Re: Proposal for structure of COGA documents



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On 16 Sep 2014 14:36, "Michael Cooper" <> wrote:

> As we discussed on the call yesterday, I propose we split the document the
> TF has been working on into two:
> 1. User Research
> 2. Gap Analysis
> The User Research document would contain research and information about
> the needs of people with various cognitive and learning disabilities. This
> is the bulk of the material in the current document.
> The Gap Analysis would be a separate document, intentionally shorter. It
> would focus on how technology meets the needs of people with cognitive and
> learning disabilities, and where technology and guidelines do not address
> those needs at present. It would reference the User Research document for
> expanded information but would not replicate that information. This would
> allow consumers of the Gap Analysis to focus specifically on that content,
> but find the expanded information easily if they need it.
> The User Research document is currently more mature so would be the first
> one we publish. The Gap Analysis would follow. The titles of these
> documents is up for grabs, these are just placeholder references.
> Michael

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