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Hi Lisa and All,

I think the roadmap is a good one. It is representative of the approach we have been discussing during the past several conferences. I especially support documenting techniques by cognitive function, first those that are good for (almost all) groups, then those specific to only some groups.

I don’t see a step I suggest should be added to the roadmap:

·      user testing and/or empirical research related to the techniques we are documenting.


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I put up another document as a potential vision document  to share what I see as our collective thoughts  on where we could be going. It also shows how some of  the different pieces and  documents fit together.

It is important because the sections of the gap analysis we are working on needs to support what we might want to do.

Let me know were you think changes are needed. It is just a first draft for discussion purposes.

Please take a look

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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