review of dementia subgroup

I gave Katie a review of the dementia subgroup work so far.
It is moving in the right direction. And my thanks to the team working on it.

However I forgot to mention that you need to reference sources - this is meant to be in part a literary review.

As a recap other points were: 
The structure is hard to follow. Please fill out headings so they make sense when read out of context - such as "Challenges - dementia"
The section on aging is restricted to age related cognitive decline  and we are not addressing co-morbidity. (The name of the subgroup seemed to have been shorted to drop the term "cognitive decline " but this was not agreed by the group)
I recommended identifying cognitive functions effected by dementia and age related cognitive decline and then using that to build what are the challenges and reference the challenges in the user stories. 
Challenges should focus on ICT. Also look at and other related works.

User stories should try to address the topics and methodologies in
The section on "Characteristics of Content Optimized for Aging and Dementia" needs to be redone. The content is not what is needed. It needs to be what websites for people with cognitive decline related to aging  and dementia  do. for example
For the section on guidelines, please reference or review guidelines such as and not just WCAG
Thanks again for all your hard work.

All the best

Lisa Seeman

Athena ICT Accessibility Projects 
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Received on Thursday, 10 April 2014 22:22:13 UTC