Cognitive Accessibility Community Group meeting agenda, October 7, 2021 at 9am ET

Hello Cognitive Accessibility Community Group,

I'm looking forward to our upcoming meeting tomorrow! Also, my apologies
for sending out this agenda and recap so late.

*Agenda for October 7, 2021*:

   - Google Doc with the agenda details
   - Joining details on Community Group calendar
   - Discuss the easiest way for this group to vote on a time for the APAC
   friendly meeting time
   - Project 1: Education, outreach, and review of Content Usable
   - Project 2: How to contribute to the COGA Task Force’s mental health
   literature review
   - Round table challenges, examples on failure and success experiences
   - Closing questions, what is next

*Meeting dates and times: *

   - Based on the feedback from the group (thank you!), we will merge our
   two meetings into one, but we will alternate timezones every other week.
   - Our next meeting is *tomorrow, Thursday, October 7, at 9am
   Eastern Time (US)
   *This is our AMER and EMEA friendly meeting time.
   - After our meeting tomorrow, we will send out a poll to confirm a
   meeting time that is friendlier in APAC times.

*Group coordination and facilitation: *

   - Thank you to those who reached out with a desire to be involved in
   facilitation and coordination! I'll be sending you a separate email to
   continue that conversation.



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