Call for participation: Literature review on mental health and web design [via Cognitive Accessibility Community Group]

The mental health subgroup of the COGA taskforce is reviewing academic papers on mental health and web design. Our goal is to better understand:

What design patterns in Making Content Usable already support individuals with mental health challenges
What design patterns could conflict with the needs of these individuals
What additional patterns need to be added to better support these individuals.

If you are comfortable reading academic papers, then you can contribute to this effort.  The work can be done any time, at your convenience.

We created a Form to submit your notes on a specific paper, study, or piece of literature. I recommend reading over the article once and then go back and complete the form.  We have also  written Instructions on how to participate in the Literature Review 

You can pick an article from the list of articles that need to be assessed (please write your name before the title). You can also locate a related article and work on that. We recommend that you first check the mental health literature review list  to make sure the article has not been reviewed.

All of these details are included in the instructions.

If you have questions, please reach out to Rachael at


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'Call for participation: Literature review on mental health and web design'

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