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>On 2011-06-29, at 9:33 AM, Paul Bakaus wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I absolutely agree with TJ here. I think a lot of people here are trying
>> to solve theoretical issues right now, which is very dangerous. I have
>> closely observed the canvas landscape, and there are very few production
>> apps out there that could benefit largely from increased accessibility
>> the canvas object itself. Mostly, today's canvas applications are game
>> demos and drawing apps.
>What about tomorrow?
>> If you are writing your GUI in canvas, you are doing it wrong. If you
>> building a chart/graph and don't run the canvas visualization from data
>> markup that was progressively enhanced, you are doing it wrong. Hell,
>> if today you are trying to create a full game on canvas, you are
>> doing it wrong (unless you want really fancy particle fx and can live
>> a super small canvas size). Canvas *is* an enhanced <img>.
>And, when developers build a GUI on canvas, and therefore are "wrong",
>how will persons with certain disabilities access that GUI so that they
>can be full participants in the "wrongness", be it at school, work, or
>for entertainment?

If we try to fix their "wrongness", wrong will become right. We don't want
that to happen. Disabled people *should* complain about GUIs written in

>Everett Zufelt

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