Re: Native Messaging (Was: Core API Proposal)

On 2016-05-10 06:39, Andrew Swan wrote:
> Okay.
> To be frank, I'm not sure exactly what you're advocating with respect to the proposed effort to standardize native messaging (the original topic of this thread).  Is it fair to say that you don't think the proposed effort is likely to be useful but that you don't object to it moving ahead?  I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, please correct me if I've got it wrong, but I'd like to have this effort proceed and I think there's some uncertainty lingering over it as a result of this thread...

Hi Andrew,

Since I don't build browsers or operating systems all this are simply my advice and preferences.  The market will (with gratitude) embrace ANY solution that enables platform-level access!  It is even possible that local services running on (which Mozilla et. all is also working on) will eventually kill Native Messaging since such solutions are free from publisher considerations and are simpler to build and deploy.

That is, I still believe that the use-cases for in-browser extensions and native extensions are quite distinct.

Developers are in for a rocky ride :-(


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