Re: Choosing a CR end date

On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 10:08 AM, James Graham <>

> On 30/03/17 04:46, David Burns wrote:
>> This time line seems fine to me and fits with the extension the WG has to
>> reach REC.
> I think that date's fine, but a linear extrapolation of the current rate
> of writing tests doesn't give us a complete test suite by then. So we need
> to pick up the pace of that work in order to actually meet the deadline

It looks like we're mostly in agreement. I've not heard an official answer
from Microsoft, but I have heard in private discussions from Apple. Given
that our charter has been extended to the 30th September, I think the
matter is settled.

James, you're right about the need to get moving on the test suite. I've
sent out an email about that. I'm assuming that there are some tests from
marionette/geckodriver that can make the move pretty easily to the
web-platform-tests, but I guess it's never safe to assume things :)


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