Re: WebDriver Test Suite

My answers inline.

On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 4:08 PM, Simon Stewart <>

> Hi,
> As James and Jim pointed out, we need the test suite to be ready by our
> chosen date for the end of the CR period.
> The current speadsheet I'm aware of for tracking progress on the test
> suite is here
> <>,
> but I think John had another one too. So, open questions:
> 1/ Do we want to manage progress on the conformance suite with
> spreadsheets?

I don't mind. Given our current velocity on these things, I suspect anyone
can add any tests and it'll be fine.

> 2/ If we do, what's the best way to avoid treading on each others' toes?

See above

> 3/ If we don't, what's a good alternative?

See above

> 4/ (Most importantly): who has tests to commit or areas that they're
> interested in working on?

I'm planning on rewriting Selenium's "Get Text" tests for the conformance
suite, but my expectation is that the browser vendors will be doing the
lion's share of the work as they work on their various implementations. I'm
more than happy to nudge people along and attempt to coordinate, but have
no idea how much value that would bring.


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