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Re: ISSUE-237 (Define Mobile Web Applications): What is the definition of a "Mobile W

From: Holley Kevin (Centre) <Kevin.Holley@O2.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 18:03:53 -0000
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Thanks but I still have some questions:

1. What does "web" mean?

2. Why does a widget have to use cascading style sheets? - note that a web browser will not use CSS if the source material provided over http does not have CSS. 

3 why is your item 2 relevant - how can you tell the difference?

4. Your 4 doesn't apply to all http cases - see my 2 above

5. 5 and 6 look to me like they should be combined. 



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my "first cut" at a reasonably satisfying definition:

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   A "Mobile Web Application" (or "mobile webapp") is
   a client application that:

     1. uses the Internet and the Web to access data,
       generally provided in XML form
     2. models the data on the client device in the form of a
       Document Object Model
     3. uses Cascading Style Sheets to presesent the data
       on the client device
     4. uses a scripting language (often ECMAScript or a
       derivative) to control the data and view on the client
     5. can operate successfully on client devices which may move
     6. can be presented successfully on handheld client devices
     7. can operate successfully in a networking environment
       which may involve intermittent, relatively slow, and relatively
       expensive connectivity

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