Re: BP2 Name Problem: Delivery context assumed not stated?

Chaals wrote:

> So BP2 really becomes how to adapt content to take advantage of
> capabilities - and needs to be clear about how you determine whether  
> or
> not you have those capabilities. If we are working from some  
> preconceived
> notion of what the target browser is, we are making a very big  
> mistake -
> we should be working with an assumption of the kinds of things that  
> phones
> have available, which is a broader set but also makes us consider
> carefully each option

I agree with much of this statement

while graceful degradation and progressive enhancement are indeed
"so 1996" (as one blog-comment had it)
I am afraid that the situation is somewhat like that now...
all mobile browsers do not (yet) support the same minimal-capabilities- 
so our code has to figure out at run-time
how to adjust to the browser environment
actually encountered on the client

just my $0.02 worth

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Received on Friday, 4 April 2008 11:52:50 UTC