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Google currently uses the <link rel="alternate" media="handheld" > to determine if a web page is mobile optimized or not. Depending on the presence of that, when you search from the mobile, the links result of the search will point directly to your site of will pass through their CT.

We actually put that in all the pages generated by MyMobileWeb to avoid CT-like systems to touch our pages. However what it is true is that I have never seen using it with media queries that contains expressions, although it could be a first approach to specify for which DCs a web page is optimized

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Asunto: Linking to alternate resources

Not directly connected to the "confusing" part of the linking mechanism,
but re-reading today's minutes:

> Link element in HTML requests
>    jo: exactly, it's a useful mechanism to link to more appropriate
>    versions but how can you identify what user-agents THIS version is
>    suitable for?

The mechanism being exactly the same as the one used to link to a CSS
style sheet, user-agent cannot be used for linking to alternate
representations, but CSS media queries should still be part of the
equation with the possibility to define something like:
        media="handheld and (max-device-width: 200px)"

I don't think anyone uses links to alternate representations with that
level of details for the time being though (and CSS media queries is a
Candidate Rec, not a Rec)


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