Linking to alternate resources

Not directly connected to the "confusing" part of the linking mechanism, 
but re-reading today's minutes:

> Link element in HTML requests 
>    jo: exactly, it's a useful mechanism to link to more appropriate
>    versions but how can you identify what user-agents THIS version is
>    suitable for?

The mechanism being exactly the same as the one used to link to a CSS 
style sheet, user-agent cannot be used for linking to alternate 
representations, but CSS media queries should still be part of the 
equation with the possibility to define something like:
 media="handheld and (max-device-width: 200px)"

I don't think anyone uses links to alternate representations with that 
level of details for the time being though (and CSS media queries is a 
Candidate Rec, not a Rec)


Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2008 15:54:25 UTC