Transcoders to retreat from any reformatting in case of Mobile-optimised site

Consistently with my other comment that no extra content should be added 
to transcoded web sites, I think that this should apply even more 
strongly to mobile-optimised sites. Unfortunately, I see a lot of 
transcoder deployments where operators and/or transcoder vendors feel 
entitled to add advertisement and extra navigation bars to existing 
mobile optimisec ontent. Because of this, I suggest the following 
addition as a note to "4.3.1":

"Note: It should be stressed that, in case of a |Cache-Control: 
no-transform| directive,  adding  any extra content (such as banners, 
navigation bars and links not available in the original application) is 
not admissable"

Thank you

Luca Passani

Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 09:02:58 UTC