Preservation of Content Ownership

Hi, I think that CTG should mention the fact that, in case of 
transcoding, no extra content should be injected without the consent of 
the original content owner. The idea is to avoid that W3C 
protocols/guidelines implicitly endorse the attempt by  those who  
manage the transcoder to monetize on the effort/investment of other 
people. Of course, there is also a point that injecting extra content 
will invariably affect usability negatively and as such should be avoided.

I suggest the following addition:

" Injection of external content
In its effort to optimise the user experience of non-mobile optimised 
sites, a proxy *should not* inject extra content into the transcoded 
pages, where the term 'extra content' refers to text, links, banners  
and other multimedia content which is not available on the original 
untranscoded page. Addition of links aimed at implementing pagination 
and navigational shortcuts is admissible.

Note: For clarity, it is emphasised that W3C does not endorse injection 
of third-party content into a transcoded page without the explicit 
consent of the content owner"

Can this comment be added to the tracking system?

Thank you

Luca Passani

Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 08:54:40 UTC