Jo Rabin wrote:
> Actually ref the following
>  > This is what the embedded CSS defines, and e embedded CSS defines:
>  >  body { color: black; } -> good
>  >  p { font-size: whatever; } -> unknown value, checker should raise a
>  > warning under STYLE_SHEET_USE
>  >  ul { word-spacing: 42things; } -> unknown unit, checker should raise a
>  > warning under STYLE_SHEET_USE
>  >  li { yeepee: 20px; } -> unknown property, checker should ignore the
>  > property and the value
> the last one should be a WARN unknown property.

Indeed. That's what I meant. For some reason, I got it right on the 
example page:
... but failed to write the same text in the email :(

Anyway, the 2 points here are:
1. I don't see any case when the CSS validator returns errors instead of 
returning warnings. But I may have understood your remark incorrectly, 
Abel. Were you talking about the impossibility to distinguish between 
STYLE_SHEETS_USE warnings in the results returned by the CSS validator, 
as you explained a bit later on?

2. There is a bug in the checker that currently returns a FAIL for 
"yeepee: 20px" on the property value, instead of a WARN on the property 


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