Workflows for localizing RDF (Fwd: Fwd: "Organization Ontology" Japanese translation available)

Hi all,

sorry that I could not make today's call. I am wondering if below mail, 
taken from
could lead to two best practices:

1) When you prepare RDF content for translation (ontologies and or pure 
statements), consider extracting the text to be translated. That will 
assure that all translators do the same.

2) Consider adding metadata to the RDF content to guide that extraction, 
e.g. to identify fixed terms. An example how that could work is on slide 
31-32 of


- Felix

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Hi again Shuji,

I've been through your translation of ORG and... this is very
interesting. The person behind ORG is not the same as the people behind
DCAT and the styles are quite different. One way in which this becomes
obvious is that Dave Reynolds (ORG) does not give the labels for his
terms in the specification, but only in the schema. Therefore, very
reasonably, you have not translated the labels. When I come to transfer
your work in the schema, I can only copy the comments.

And, I even found a whole class in the schema that's not in the spec!

Ah well, I have copied the comments into the schema as you can now see
at The labels are available in the other
languages for Org (FR and IT) but that's because we were supplied with
translations of the schema, not the spec - which is the much bigger task
that you have taken on.

If you or Naomi wants to send me the Japanese labels, I'll certainly add
them, but the definitions are all in the schema now.

Again, thank you for all your work on this.


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