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On Tue, 18 Jun 2013 18:32:10 +0200, Phil Ritchie <> wrote:

> My exposure to linked data is recent via the ITS 2.0 mapping and I am
> "hooked". Very excited to be part of the group.

Welcome :)

Hi all, I work at Yandex. Not on translate (although I file the odd bug or  
feature request), and only a bit on stuff (which is related to  
linked data). I do lead their W3C work (which means I am constantly  
looking for other people to do actual work :) ). I used to work in the  
semantic Web stuff at W3C about a decade ago, and I have a very broad  
range of interests.



Charles McCathie Nevile - Consultant (web standards) CTO Office, Yandex         Find more at

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