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Agenda for TPAC

From: Marta Piekarska <marta@blockstream.io>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 07:33:58 -0700
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Cc: Marta <marta@blockstream.com>
To: public-blockchain@w3.org
Dear BC CG Members,

during todays call we would like to discuss the agenda during the TPAC meeting. Here is a draft proposal:

1. Meet and greet. Who is who in our community group.
2. Outcome of the Boston workshop
   1. Presentation of the Report
   2. What did we Learn
   3. What was missing
   4. Where did we plan to go from there?
3. W3C - general information and Blockchain Community Group.
   1. Who is who is W3C?
   2. What is the process of becoming an official Interest Group, Working Group and whats the difference?
   3. What other groups are there we should be collaborating with?
       1. Most of them will be meeting during the TPAC. Lets figure out when and join those meetings:
           1. Digital Assets
           2. Verifiable Claims
           3. Web Payments
           4. Interledger
           5. World of Things
   4. What standards W3C writes? What would be exemplary standards we are looking for?
4. Organization.
   1. How often should we have calls
   2. Means of communication - mailing list, slack/rocket/irc, f2f meetings etc.
   3. Proposing agenda items and creating agenda for every call
5. Participation - why is there so little activity, how can we improve it
6. Organizing next workshop
   1. When
   2. Where
   3. how
   4. Whats the purpose
7. Deliverables
   1. What should we have in 3 months?
   2. What should we have in 6 months?
   3. What should we have in 9 months?
   4. What should we have in 12 months?

Feel free to disagree:)

Have a great day

Security Architect @ Blockstream


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+14159608938 (U.S.)
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