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Re: Abstract for UKON poster (about the specification)

From: Carole Goble <carole.goble@manchester.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2018 20:31:13 +0000
To: "Gray, Alasdair J G" <A.J.G.Gray@hw.ac.uk>, Philippe <proccaserra@gmail.com>
Cc: LJ Garcia Castro <ljgarcia@ebi.ac.uk>, Justin Clark-Casey <justinccdev@gmail.com>, Peter McQuilton <peter.mcquilton@oerc.ox.ac.uk>, "public-bioschemas@w3.org" <public-bioschemas@w3.org>
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Hi all

For the UKON, there is no associated proceedings, so can we go with the 
proposal of the person presenting and the Bioschemas Community?
- I agree

for the journal publication then we will have a wide consultation and 
use some evidence of contribution (as we will need to supply this to the 
journal)  as a guide


> Hi
>> On 1 Mar 2018, at 16:46, Philippe <proccaserra@gmail.com 
>> <mailto:proccaserra@gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hi Justin, Leyla, Alasdair
>> Either of those solutions are good, and there is no discussion that 
>> Leyla should be the author for a submission presenting the bioschema 
>> protein component.
>> For the UKON submission,   which is meant to introduce/present the 
>> whole bioschema efforts, i feel that having the lead of each group 
>> (http://bioschemas.org/groups/) acknowledged as author would be 
>> fairer on these people.
>> If this is too long a list, then Justin's solution is straight to 
>> point and indeed shows that the work is done by a community, a group 
>> of like minded folks doing the leg work.
> I think that Leyla’s point that it is useful for the event organisers 
> to have a point of contact and visible person at the event is important.
> For the UKON, there is no associated proceedings, so can we go with 
> the proposal of the person presenting and the Bioschemas Community?
> For the planned journal paper we will consult widely for the 
> authorship list, but the intention is to involve everyone who has 
> contributed to the community.
> We already had the issue of publications on the agenda for the next 
> management group meeting, but we will now extend this to cover 
> authorship issues as well.
> Alasdair
>> I hope this clarifies my comment.
>> Cheers
>> Philippe
>> On 01/03/2018 16:31, LJ Garcia Castro wrote:
>>> I have also seen one explicit author (the submitter) or a few (those 
>>> directly contributing to the writing and the actual poster) and then 
>>> the community. the idea behind an explicit author is to make it 
>>> easier for people looking at the paper to address the person right 
>>> next to it.
>>> Regards,
>>> On 01/03/2018 16:28, Justin Clark-Casey wrote:
>>>> An approach I've seen on some other papers is just to put "The 
>>>> Bioschemas Community" as the single author with no named 
>>>> individuals.  Perhaps this would also be suitable for a poster 
>>>> where a list of official authors has not yet been agreed.
>>>> On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 4:14 PM, LJ Garcia Castro 
>>>> <ljgarcia@ebi.ac.uk <mailto:ljgarcia@ebi.ac.uk>> wrote:
>>>>     Hi Pete, all,
>>>>     Thanks for the comments and contributions.
>>>>     Just for posters, just some few authors seem enough for me.
>>>>     However, I am happy to add more as needed so I will go with any
>>>>     list of authors agreed by the community. Could please Alasdair,
>>>>     Rafael or Carole point to the official list of authors that
>>>>     should be used for posters? Also, what would be page to use as
>>>>     a link to the community?
>>>>     I need to submit tonight as tomorrow I am flying. So, I would
>>>>     be grateful if you can provide that information as soon as
>>>>     possible.
>>>>     If no agreement about authors is reached on time, should I
>>>>     better stop the submission or submit as it is?
>>>>     Kind regards,
>>>>     On 01/03/2018 14:52, Peter McQuilton wrote:
>>>>>     Hi Leyla,
>>>>>     I've added a few edits. I'm not sure about authorship though.
>>>>>     The abstract is pretty broad, so I wonder whether you
>>>>>     shouldn't include more authors from the other specifications
>>>>>     as well. I know this came up on Alasdair's abstract as well,
>>>>>     and I have to say I agree with Philippe's assertion that
>>>>>     representatives from the other specifications should also be
>>>>>     included, along with (somewhere), a link to the communities
>>>>>     page listed all the contributors.
>>>>>     Best,
>>>>>     Pete
>>>>>     On 01/03/2018 10:49, LJ Garcia Castro wrote:
>>>>>>     Dear all,
>>>>>>     This [1] is the abstract I will submit to UKON corresponding
>>>>>>     to Bioschemas specification. It is mainly based on the work
>>>>>>     carried last year during the BioHackathon and later adopted
>>>>>>     during the October Bioschemas meeting.
>>>>>>     Regards,
>>>>>>     [1]
>>>>>>     https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LbYg7gk24s9kC33bELKulPMQL6OVtnBi8c1XPgQc6hs/edit#
>>>>>>     <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LbYg7gk24s9kC33bELKulPMQL6OVtnBi8c1XPgQc6hs/edit#>
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