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(Minutes) RE: RSI Task Force Call - Asia/Europe Friendly

From: 이원석 <wonsuk.lee@etri.re.kr>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 09:00:19 +0000
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CC: 이원석 <wonsuk.lee@etri.re.kr>
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Hi. Below is the minutes of today’s chat meeting :)

-      Participants: Patrick, Hyojin, Urata, Wonsuk

[16:09] <PatrickLue> Agenda?
[16:10] <PatrickLue> Will be at a real desk in 20 min
[16:10] <wonsuk> First item is what's going on in github for rsi
[16:10] <PatrickLue> I have not seen the link to it yet
[16:10] <PatrickLue> Did I miss it?
[16:11] <wonsuk> you mean a link for agenda today?
[16:11] <PatrickLue> Where it is on github
[16:12] <hyojin> I wonder the github repository for RSI as well.
[16:12] <wonsuk> okay
[16:12] <wonsuk> https://github.com/wzr1337/rsiServer
[16:12] <PatrickLue> This one
[16:12] <wonsuk> yes
[16:12] <PatrickLue> Ok
[16:13] <PatrickLue> I thought the protocol. I was under the impression Ted wanted to upload the protocol to the w3c github space
[16:13] <PatrickLue> The rsi server is progressing
[16:14] <PatrickLue> New features every other day
[16:14] <PatrickLue> Discussion is currently around a plugin system
[16:14] <PatrickLue> The plugin system allows specific services to be implemented easily
[16:14] <PatrickLue> And in a different repo
[16:15] <wonsuk> like media and media library?
[16:15] <PatrickLue> Yes
[16:16] <PatrickLue> These are in a plugin directory. But the concept is not really finalized
[16:16] <wonsuk> okay... then what is scope of rsi server?
[16:16] <PatrickLue> A few guys are exchanging ideas right now
[16:17] <PatrickLue> The main scope is a platform for rsi based services
[16:17] <PatrickLue> So that the protocol does not have to be reimplemented
[16:17] <PatrickLue> Every time
[16:17] <wonsuk> yes
[16:17] <PatrickLue> But it is not meant for production
[16:18] <PatrickLue> Just for mock functionality
[16:19] <wonsuk> you mean current implementation is the prototype for idea for rsi
[16:19] <wonsuk> am I right?
[16:19] <PatrickLue> Yes
[16:19] <PatrickLue> The scope for that rsi server
[16:20] <PatrickLue> Once we finalized a protocol a implementation for production may follow
[16:20] <PatrickLue> Right now testing the concept is the most important job
[16:22] <hyojin> Is there a page for RSI design and overview? The following link seems one of the pages: https://www.w3.org/Submission/2016/01/
[16:22] == kaz [ashimura@public.cloak] has joined #auto
[16:23] <wonsuk> I think rsi server is related with esp. https://www.w3.org/Submission/2016/SUBM-viwi-protocol-20161213/
[16:23] <PatrickLue> The link describes our submission
[16:23] <PatrickLue> Correct
[16:23] <PatrickLue> That link describes just the protocol
[16:23] <hyojin> Right. I'm looking into the page now.
[16:23] <PatrickLue> The plugins would reference to the other links in the submission
[16:24] <hyojin> got it
[16:24] == PatrickLue_ [~PatrickLue@public.cloak] has joined #auto
[16:24] <PatrickLue_> ah. a real keyboard
[16:24] <PatrickLue_> so much better
[16:24] <wonsuk> hahaha
[16:24] <wonsuk> I guess so
[16:25] <wonsuk> Before this chat I did git clone for rsi server
[16:26] <hyojin> Could Kaz help us?
[16:26] <wonsuk> rsi server is working I am not sure how can I test this
[16:26] <PatrickLue_> so to summarize: rsi server implements the VIWI/RSI protocol
[16:27] <PatrickLue_> the plugins for the rsi server implement the other submission (or will)
[16:27] <PatrickLue_> what we are missing right now is a github repo with the current protocol and service descriptions so that we can work on it together
[16:28] <PatrickLue_> when starting the rsi server you will get an open port, i think on 5000
[16:28] <hyojin> Could I test the RSI server from the guide in https://github.com/wzr1337/rsiServer? Is it working now?
[16:28] <hyojin> After that, I could follow the issues in the github.
[16:28] <wonsuk> port is 3000 :-)
[16:29] <PatrickLue_> if you connect via http to it you will receive the structured answer from there
[16:29] <wonsuk> okay
[16:29] <PatrickLue_> as far as I know the current master branch works fine.
[16:29] <wonsuk> It works
[16:30] <PatrickLue_> to answer that the other patrick would be better
[16:30] <PatrickLue_> If develop is more interesting right now i do not know
[16:31] <wonsuk> do you know media and media library plug-in are working with rsi server?
[16:32] <PatrickLue_> yes it is. last time i checked it was using lame to play music
[16:32] <PatrickLue_> patrick and i presented it at the last members meeting in birmingham
[16:32] <PatrickLue_> worked fine.
[16:33] <PatrickLue_> but do not expect a full features media library and media player
[16:33] <PatrickLue_> the main goal was to show of the concept
[16:33] <PatrickLue_> so all hard question we came up with were answered.
[16:33] <wonsuk> okay. there is some docs I can test plugins?
[16:33] <PatrickLue_> i think there is not right now.
[16:34] <PatrickLue_> let me find the issue quickly where this topic is discussed
[16:34] <PatrickLue_> https://github.com/wzr1337/rsiServer/issues/41
[16:35] <PatrickLue_> that one discusses how to handle plugins in general. not final yet.
[16:35] <PatrickLue_> https://github.com/wzr1337/rsiServer/issues/44 this one describes how we could handle dependencies brought in by the plugins.
[16:35] <PatrickLue_> this may influence the plugin infrastructure again discussed in issue 41
[16:36] <hyojin> Is @wzr1337 PatrickLue_? or the other Patrick?
[16:37] <PatrickLue_> the other Patrick, Patrick Bartsch
[16:37] <wonsuk> hahaha :-)
[16:37] <hyojin> Thank you :-)
[16:37] <PatrickLue_> I am PatrickLue on Github. Not that imaginitive
[16:38] <wonsuk> For the contributors it's nice if this repo provide how to test it with client and plugins
[16:39] <PatrickLue_> would you be so kind and post that as an issue? The guys around the rsi server and not really that close to the W3C effords
[16:39] <wonsuk> okay! I will
[16:40] <wonsuk> any other comment on this?
[16:41] <urata_access> No, I'm ok.
[16:41] <PatrickLue_> me as well
[16:41] <hyojin> It would be more concrete agenda to proceed this call. Who can organize the issues that need to be discussed?
[16:41] <wonsuk> This call is not settle down yet
[16:43] <urata_access> I'd like to know rough roadmap or schedule if possible
[16:43] <wonsuk> so now I guess issue list in github might be an agenda basically
[16:44] <hyojin> agree with Urata-san, but it needs some time, not right now.
[16:45] <urata_access> I agree. May be roadmap is not yet defined.
[16:45] <PatrickLue_> let us concentrate on a road map for the next call
[16:46] <wonsuk> good idea.
[16:46] <urata_access> yeah, that's good.
[16:47] <wonsuk> Patrick could you discuss with PatrickB for rsi roadmap ?
[16:47] <wonsuk> Before the call?
[16:47] <PatrickLue_> I will
[16:47] <wonsuk> Thanks!
[16:48] <wonsuk> Regarding LBS, https://github.com/j3ss5t/viwiLocationBasedServices, this also will be an one of plugin for rsi server
[16:48] <wonsuk> right?
[16:49] == AdamC [~AdamC@public.cloak] has joined #auto
[16:49] * wonsuk Welcome Adam!
[16:50] <PatrickLue_> yes it will
[16:50] <PatrickLue_> Jonas is currently quite busy
[16:50] <wonsuk> okay
[16:50] <PatrickLue_> but he will join once he has time
[16:51] <hyojin> If there would be a roadmap or an issue from Wonsuk before next call, I'll review it and leave some comments on that.
[16:51] <wonsuk> I would like to clarify relation among the repos of RSI tf
[16:53] <hyojin> How about unifying the repos into W3C somewhere like Automotive BG? Would it be still early stage?
[16:54] <wonsuk> Partrick what do you think? is it possible?
[16:54] <PatrickLue_> i do not know
[16:55] <wonsuk> hahaha
[16:55] <wonsuk> okay
[16:55] <PatrickLue_> i am not familiar with the w3c side
[16:55] <PatrickLue_> sorry guys
[16:55] <PatrickLue_> have to leave
[16:55] <wonsuk> okay!
[16:55] <PatrickLue_> was nice doing the meeting in this way
[16:55] <wonsuk> thanks Patrick!
[16:55] <wonsuk> me too
[16:55] <wonsuk> Thanks guys!
[16:55] <wonsuk> talk you next week
[16:55] <hyojin> Thanks for the explanations, Patrick!
[16:56] <urata_access> Thanks all!

Kind regards,

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RSI Task Force Meeting - Asia/Europe Friendly

1) Call Time: 26th July
Seattle, USA - 12:00 midn PDT | Boston, USA - 3:00 am EDT | London, United Kingdom - 8:00 am BST | Munich, Germany - 9:00 am CEST | Beijing, China - 3:00 pm CST | Seoul, South Korea - 4:00 pm KST | Tokyo, Japan - 4:00 pm JST

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