GENIVI Media Tuner work - more information and follow up

Hi all,

Per our conf call yesterday I've followed up with GENIVI and am have asked them to open up all information, wiki, requirements, use cases, source code, etc. related to the GENIVI Media Tuner work.  They are in the process of working on this but in the meantime one of the GENIVI members mentioned the following to me and I thought this would be valuable to forward to our group.  All of this information is public knowledge and that's why I'm also sending it across our public mailing list for all to benefit from.  NOTE: the change in project name to IVI Radio.

>From Jeremiah Foster of Pelagicore:

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the email. I'm going to point you to some preliminary information that is available immediately in the open, I'm sure Steve will follow up with more details later.

Firstly, GENIVI has a public wiki here:
Anyone can sign up for an account to edit pages on that wiki, GENIVI membership is not required. There is not yet any info on the IVI radio project yet but that is one of the places detailed information is designed to go.

Secondly, we've changed the name from Tuner Station Manager to IVI radio, and the git repo you've pointed to is to be considered deprecated. The good news is that there is a new git repo, appropriately named IVI Radio, and it has code of a much more recent vintage. Please feel free to share this link and to clone code from here:

There is also a bug tracking tool for IVI Radio which can be used to add features and even requirements should the need arise:

Lastly, we're continuing to provide further information for IVI Radio and I do expect the web pages to be updated soon;




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