Proposed: Discontinued draft status for VISS v1

When discussing publishing a fresher Working Draft version of VISSv2 on
today's call, the question came up about what to do with version 1.

V1 has not seen any development nor received substantive input since last

If we were to try to advance V1 to Recommendation status at W3C we would
likely receive more scrutiny than previously in its horizontal review, in
particular around security as that version left security mechanisms to
implementations. While some would like to see it reach this final status,
we are unlikely to address any concerns that would be raised.

We would rather encourage people to version 2.

The proposal is to add to the abstract of V1 to point to V2 and mark it as
a discontinued spec.

Our alternative is to solicit editors for V1 and see what issues may arise
in getting wider review to advance it to Recommendation.

The inclination from those who spoke on the call was to go with
discontinued status. If anyone in the group feels otherwise, especially if
they are willing to step up to the editor task, please speak up. We
hopefully will conclude this on next week's call.

Ted Guild (he, him, his)

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Received on Tuesday, 22 February 2022 20:13:57 UTC