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[Minutes] Auto WG 2022-02-22

From: Ted Guild <edwardguild@geotab.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 15:02:56 -0500
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* Announcements

Call for implementation reports

* VISS in Android

Small service in Android, discussion about extending to use within a
browser. Intent is for BMW to publish the code. Javascript code running in
the browser from localhost. They are disinclined from opening up from other
control units in the vehicle based on security concerns. There should be
better coordination with COVESA AOSP Interest Group. Early concept, not yet
covering VHAL data. Primary use would be for browser based app in head
unit, will allow smartphones on LAN to connect as untrusted devices.
Looking at different options for different parts of the stack,
experimenting and seeing which alternatives should be used where.

* Issues


For use case where VISS is being used indirectly, not against vehicle but
data already off-loaded in the cloud (a digital twin). How to know state of
vehicle, when it was last seen?

Vehicle last seen information is certainly useful and can use the most
recent timestamp as an indicator of connection state. Could depend on how
the sampling is done, if a subscription to a signal that may indicate
vehicle is about to be shut off. MQTT has some mechanisms to handle this.


Wonsuk would like to see published specs updated to more recent version.
Resolved, group approves setting up Echidna so WD are kept current.


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