Specification and activity promotion

As we discussed on today's call and in previous, we need feedback on
VISSv2. I have reached out to a few individuals that we know were
experimenting with or contemplating doing so. Please reach into your
organizations to see what can be discussed with the group. We can minute
lightly or even hold back sharing outside of the group for now.

We currently consider ourselves feature complete with no major open issues.

In order to advance in W3C standards process we need at least one
additional implementation.

There are some discussions around promoting this initiative better more
broadly with several participating organizations now willing to contribute.

As part of our outreach, we should create an explainer for the W3C piece
that also ties into the broader joint work with COVESA.


Peter got us started and I made some suggestions and added some raw notes.
Anyone can comment on this Google doc, Peter and I will coordinate and when
it gets more polished put into a html document in our repo.


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