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F2F minutes and summary

From: Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2019 15:45:23 -0400
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As the minutes are scant, I'll add the following summary.

We discussed a number of proposed, accepted and early exploration of
other standards efforts (ISO TC22, TC204, TC211, JTC-1; AutoSAR) to
align on around vehicle signals. Additional are stemming from the
transportation data workshop we held later in the week and I provided
a summary of those developments on the latest WG call. We had a guest
who offered to discuss with contacts at VDA. We discussed continued
attempts to establish something with SAE.

Adnan shared his and Daniel's analysis of data structures of VSS and
ViWi, how tree structure is more conducive to REST and Graph. We
discussed the various options around VISS/ViWi/Gen2 the group could
take to get us moving forward again. Patrick joined remotely for part
of the second day and we agreed to continue on Gen2, hopefully drawing
more in readily from ViWi such as registry as that will expedite spec
development but not the data depth limitation. In order for this to
happen we need to revitalize the group, issued a call for editors
including asking individuals in room to reach up to management to get
an influx of resources. We are receiving affirmative responses in
subsequent WG calls.

We did various preparation for the Meetup Monday night and debriefed
after on Tuesday. We received a good turnout, 50+, lots of questions
and interest. I will be sending them a workshop report and other
materials about our activity.

We discussed various industry trends. GM and Android news sparked
discussion including how there will likely be two or more data streams
on vehicles and VISS/Gen2 still useful in places like TSU.

We prepped for the workshop at the end of the week.

We reviewed a proposed overhaul of the W3C Auto landing page
http://w3.org/auto and made a number of revisions based on feedback.

We discussed some features for certain use cases like accommodating
aftermarket equipment signals.

We discussed the various major use cases and when Gen2 will provide
sockets (eg on-board data sampling), REST (on-board and in-cloud where
sockets make less sense as you have sampled stored data) and Graph
(cloud as primary but also scenarios on-board for AI). 

We agreed we want to start prototyping a Graph representation of


Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>
W3C Automotive Lead

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