[NG-VIS] Next Generation Vehicle Information Services (formerly [VIWI/Convergence])


During our second VIWI/Convergence conference call yesterday we discussed a
couple of logistics items concerning this effort. For your
recollection/information Kaz has compiled the meeting minutes at

As a follow-up I would like to propose some items to the group:

1. Repositioning

I think we should reposition this effort under the name "Next Generation
Vehicle Information Services" (NG_VIS) as it is supposed to become an
expansion of the standard we are currently working on and for which we have
published the FPWD and are on track to publish the CR in April.

2. Goal

The goal of this effort should be the creation of the next working group
charter to work on the next standard.

3. Process

Regular conference calls to establish the technical boundaries for the
charter such as integration of new technologies (HTML2, etc.), other
standards (VIWI), maintaining backwards compatibility with existing
specification, and more.

As far as the regular conference calls are concerned, we have currently set
the calls for Monday at 1600 UTC / 1700 CET / 0900 PT / 0200 JST. It is
easy to see that the 2am time is a burden for our colleagues from Japan,
Korea and other eastern localities. As you all know there and can see from
the attached timetable there is never a good time for everybody only more
or less painful times. :)

[image: Inline image 1]

Where "good time" is green, "less painful" is yellow and "more painful" is
red. I think we should avoid any meeting time between 11pm and 6am. While
10pm and 6am are red, they are, at least for me, "borderline painful". In
that sense workable time slots would be:

   - 2100 PST / 0600 CET / 1400 JST
   - 1300 PST / 2200 CET / 0600 JST

We could settle on one of those, or we could rotate a "more painful" slot
through each of the three time zones with the understanding that colleagues
located in that time zone won't be able to attend.

The second question is: what day of the week?

The third question is the conference call cadence: weekly or every other

I attempted to capture this in a Doodle poll with the two timeslots Monday
through Friday weekly and Monday through Friday biweekly. Please vote at

And of course your comments to and suggestions for this proposal are

Thank you,

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