[Agenda] WG/CG Telecon Thurs Mar 25 9:00 am PDT

Here's the agenda for our WG/CG meeting.

Meeting venue https://meet.google.com/wgg-wjtd-kdu


   - Admin
      - Daylight savings in the US starts Mar 14, so the meetings will be
      9am PDT.  I think that means it will start one hour earlier if
you're still
      on standard time.
      - Poll Results
   - V1
      - CR and Rec Status
      - New issues
         - Output channels of OscillatorNode
      - 4 of 8 Outstanding issues
         - Output channels of OscillatorNode
         - Improve definition of regular tasks processing.
         - Inconsistencies with "control thread state"
         - Specify which task source is used
      - 2 PRs
         - Replace "queue a task" with "queue a media element task"
         - Expose AudioBuffer to DedicatedWorker
         - V2
      - Priority-1 issues
         - Render capacity
         - Render quantum size
         - Headphone detection
         - Input only / muted AudioContext
         - Hard-sync of two oscillators
         - Others?
      - AOB

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