Re: AnalyserNode

I don't know the history but,

As desribed in "1.3. API Overview", 
AnalyserNode is defined for "visualization applications".

And getByteFrequencyData() has well tuned default parameters
(minDecibels, maxDecibels and smoothingTimeConstant) 
that fit in exactly with the visualizers. 
I think the getByteTimeDomainData() is prepared for
easy switch of visualizer modes, Frequency/Waveform.

Originally, the getFloatFrequencyData() may be uncalled-for.

# In addition,
# I think current function style is not so suitalbe other than
# visualizer. They can obtain only latest block of freq/wave
# data when called. It can not make sure block-by-block processing.
# I with more reliable block-by-block processing method
# (e.g. callback) if the AnalyserNode is assumed to broader
# application.

Tatsuya Shinyagaito

Received on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 18:45:07 UTC