Re: AnalyserNode

2013-12-10 19:26, Chris Wilson skrev:
> Is there a historical reason why AnalyserNode has 
> getByteTimeDomainData but no getFloatTimeDomainData?  For 
> higher-precision snippets, it would be kind of useful.  For example, 
> I've implemented an auto-correlating pitch detection in my pitch 
> detection sample, and I think it would be higher precision if I could 
> grab float samples (since I don't really need to update constantly, I 
> wouldn't need to process ALL the samples through a 
> ScriptProcessorNode).  Ditto for the waveform display in 
> - where I may want less 
> than constant waveforms, but I want to grab higher precision than 
> 8-bit data.

I would also like to know why there's no float version (it shouldn't be 
hard adding the function though).

Also, is there a use case for the 8-bit data versions? Only possible 
idea I've come up with is that you can use it directly as a WebGL 
texture source or something, but I'd still rather see a high resolution 
version in the first place (you can do the conversion to 8-bit yourself, 
but the other way around is impossible).


Marcus Geelnard
Technical Lead, Mobile Infrastructure
Opera Software

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