Re: ScriptProcessorNode off the main thread (Was: Questioning the current direction of the Web Audio API)

 On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 5:59 PM, Marcus Geelnard <> wrote:

> I think that it would be good to get some real figures here. For instance,
> given the scenario of creating (& destroying) 100 workers per second (given
> a more-than-trivial music example, with more-than-trivial per-note graphs),
> with >100 workers alive concurrently, what would be the potential overhead
> compared to native nodes? (not sure if it's an extreme example - but it's
> certainly a probable use case)

Another thing is that it doesn't really make sense to create 1 worker per
node. You'd be much better off using a single worker for all nodes on a
given page, or at most one worker per CPU core the system has.

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