Hi all!

I still feel that the design & interface of the AnalyserNode is a bit odd,  
and I'd like to have a short discussion to see how people feel about it.

Unfortunately, the issue that was filed over a year ago (May 2012) has not  
received much attention: (though some of the  
issues have been addressed in the spec since then).

I think it would be a good idea to make some cosmetic changes to it now  
(before un-prefixed releases start appearing), and I don't think it would  
be too much work.

In summary (more details in the bug), here are a few items I think we  
could address:

* Can we drop Uint8Array in favor of Float32Array?

* Can fftSize (and possibly other attributes) be set on node creation to  
avoid "funny" states?

* frequencyBinCount seems superfluous - should we remove it?

* In general, the spec needs clarification (e.g. how minDecibels,  
maxDecibels and smoothingTimeConstant affect the returned data is  

The latter point isn't as time-critical since it wouldn't change the API,  
but it's still an issue.



Marcus Geelnard
Technical Lead, Mobile Infrastructure
Opera Software

Received on Friday, 28 June 2013 08:51:21 UTC