[Minutes] Audio WG teleconference, 2013-06-20

Dear all,

The minutes of our teleconference last week are online:

We dedicated the hour-long meeting to discussing the interplay between deprecated names/interfaces in the Web Audio API, the question of support for prefixed (webkitAudioContext) and unprefixed implementations of the spec, and the impact of "breaking changes" on the planning of implementation release for current active WG members planning their implementation.

I encourage you to read the full minutes (and, as usual, send requests for corrections if anything was minuted in a way that misrepresents your position).

Chris Rogers for Chrome, Ehsan for Mozilla and Jer for Apple all detailed what they would consider best and worst scenario with regards to the topic of changes and prefixing.

It was clear that "breaking changes" (significant, non backward compatible changes) were a pain point and would impact the planning of implementations. All three browser engine implementers around the table seemed to agree that we would want to stabilise the web audio API and effect any "breaking change" before the release of unprefixed implementations.

There was disagreement on the impact of the possible long-term support for the prefixed implementation of the spec (and the support for deprecated interfaces within prefixed implementations). One fear expressed by at least one participant is that continued support for prefixed implementation would hurt the unprefixed ones. Others argued that education, outreach and documentation should rapidly ensure usage of the real (unprefixed) AudioContext and increased adoption for the standard spec.

There were two follow-ups to the teleconference:
* Ehsan made several proposals for consensus on
        - deprecated names
        - removing the AudioBuffer? createBuffer(...); interface
* ROC made a proposal for consensus on fixing race conditions

One proposal has seen no objection and will be considered consensus by Friday if no objection is raised. Other proposals are still being discussed and I aim to reach consensus by the time of our next teleconference. See my next mail about the date of the next telcon.

Olivier Thereaux - BBC Internet Research and Future Services

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