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> Here are the three categories of things which I would like to see changed
> in the current spec:
> * Having more than one way to do things in the API.  This is mostly the
> question of the alternate names which we're currently discussing.
> * Ways in which the API design introduces data race possibilities.  This
> includes things such as allowing read-back from buffers used by the audio
> processing code, such as WaveShaperNode.buffer, AudioBuffer.getChannelData,
> etc. as previously discussed on the list.  Removing these read-back
> mechanisms would make it possible to use copy-on-write techniques in order
> to make sure that we avoid copies where we can, and that web content will
> not be allowed to do things which introduce data races.
> * APIs which make it possible to write inefficient code.  The synchronous
> decoding using AudioContext.createBuffer is the only one here that I can
> think of.
> * General Web API design best practices.  This includes things such as
> using constructors instead of creator methods, using DOM event targets
> (which we have already fixed), using DOM Promises for callbacks as opposed
> to plain functions, etc.

#4 can be added in a level 2 spec. That creates more of #1, but #1 is a
nice-to-eliminate rather than a large practical problem, so I think we can
live with it. There's plenty of it already on the Web and it's not much of
an ongoing burden IMHO.

#2 must be fixed, but I think we've finessed it pretty well in our
implementation and hopefully the way we did it doesn't cause compatibility
problems. If it does we'll have to live with them.

#3 is another nice-to-eliminate-but-we-can-live-with-it.

The Web platform carries some really nasty features for compatibility's
sake. Web Audio, even in its current state, isn't going to be one of them.

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