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> On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 9:11 PM, Robert O'Callahan <>wrote:
>> The last time maxChannelCount and multichannel output came up, I
>> suggested that AudioDestinationNode should default channelCountMode to
>> 'max' instead of 'explicit', so many users of Web Audio would not need to
>> use maxChannelCount at all --- they could just produce as many channels as
>> they want, and the Web Audio implementation would downmix (or upmix) to the
>> actual speaker configuration. (Especially convenient when the speaker
>> configuration changes over time.) I don't recall any replies to that
>> suggestion. I still like it :-).
> I think we should do this.  crogers, do you agree?

I am reluctant to change that part right now until we've had a chance to
explore all the ramifications.  As I mentioned before, it gets a bit tricky
especially when you have multi-channel devices with large number of
channels, not necessarily connected to speaker system in the way you might

>> If we do that, it's still useful to expose maxChannelCount on
>> AudioDestinationNode --- it lets advanced users customize the audio graph
>> to the number of speakers. However, I don't think we need maxChannelCount
>> on MediaStreamDestinationAudioNode. What would it even mean? I don't think
>> we can detect the number of speakers a MediaStream is feeding into --- it
>> could be feeding into many sinks, or none, or into a sink like a
>> MediaRecorder that can handle any number of channels equally well.
> Yeah, I agree with roc here.  I don't think it makes sense to specify a
> maxChannelCount on MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode...

I agree too, just to clarify.

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