Re: [Bug 20681] spatial coords should just be in metres

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 3:52 AM, Marcus Geelnard <> wrote:

> **
> While I agree that SI is the only sane system to use, there's really no
> part of the Web Audio API that mandates any unit. For instance, if there
> was some hard-coded constant under the hood, there would be a real
> dependency, but [I really hope that] this is not the case.
While it might be nice to be unitless, doing so imposes a very restrictive
limitation - it makes it impossible to describe an audio scene as you would
like the user to perceive it. You cannot say "I want the user to experience
the sound as if it were emitted by an object 2 meters ways at an angle of
30 degrees and an elevation of 45 degrees",  because without units you
cannot specify the distance.

Not being able to specify the desired effect is, in my opinion, a
fundamental problem.


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