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On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 8:43 AM, Ehsan Akhgari <>wrote:

> WebKit and Blink implement a gain attribute on the AudioBufferSourceNode,
> and looking at the implementation, it works exactly as if the output of
> AudioBufferSourceNode was directly fed into a GainNode.  However, this
> attribute is not spec'ed, and therefore Gecko doesn't implement it.
> Over in, we have a
> game which is relying on AudioBufferSourceNode.gain and breaks in Firefox
> Nightly because that attribute does not exist.  We can do either of the
> following two thing:
> 1. The right thing to do: continue to not spec AudioBufferSourceNode.gain
> and remove it from both WebKit and Blink.  I doubt that there is a lot of
> content out there using this attribute, given how late this bug was found
> in Gecko.

Unfortunately there's enough content out there using it that I cannot
recommend removing it from WebKit/Blink.  One notable one is which is a game library.

> 2. If WebKit/Blink is not willing to remove this non-standard attribute,
> then we should perhaps spec it.  This will be sad, since this attribute
> doesn't really serve any purpose and it's unusual for a node to support the
> functionality of another node in this way.

I agree that it's redundant, and slightly ugly, but I think we'll need to
spec it.  Luckily, it's very easy to implement and its meaning is clear.

> Regardless of the outcome of this discussion, I will try to reach out to
> the author of that game and ask them to change their code based on the Web
> Audio spec.
> Thanks!
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