WebKit and Blink implement a gain attribute on the AudioBufferSourceNode,
and looking at the implementation, it works exactly as if the output of
AudioBufferSourceNode was directly fed into a GainNode.  However, this
attribute is not spec'ed, and therefore Gecko doesn't implement it.

Over in, we have a game
which is relying on AudioBufferSourceNode.gain and breaks in Firefox
Nightly because that attribute does not exist.  We can do either of the
following two thing:

1. The right thing to do: continue to not spec AudioBufferSourceNode.gain
and remove it from both WebKit and Blink.  I doubt that there is a lot of
content out there using this attribute, given how late this bug was found
in Gecko.

2. If WebKit/Blink is not willing to remove this non-standard attribute,
then we should perhaps spec it.  This will be sad, since this attribute
doesn't really serve any purpose and it's unusual for a node to support the
functionality of another node in this way.

Regardless of the outcome of this discussion, I will try to reach out to
the author of that game and ask them to change their code based on the Web
Audio spec.


Received on Monday, 15 April 2013 15:44:45 UTC