Re: Timeline for ARIA 1.1


We plan to move lock the spec. down ASAP in June. That will involve a 2 week review by the group and depending how long it takes to resolve those comments we will then move it to CR. In parallel we are going to create an automated test harness. We need to size that. Right now I am trying to get the source code for accProbe out to the community so that we can adapt it to test Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft has been creating an automated test harness for Edge. 

I am thinking this will be a 5-6 month effort but I need to confirm with the group.

I want ARIA 1.1 to be done by year end at the latest. There are still Core spec. mapping issues we need to resolve but I do not expect those to effect the ARIA spec. 

Rich Schwerdtfeger

> On May 18, 2016, at 8:52 AM, Léonie Watson <> wrote:
> Rich,
> Could you let me know the date by which ARIA 1.1 will move to CR, and how
> long you expect it to remain in CR? As HTML5.1 moves to CR, this information
> will be helpful.
> Thanks
> Léonie.
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