"children presentational"


I am somewhat perplexed by the "presentational children" section of the ARIA
1.1 spec.
It says:

"The DOM descendants are presentational. User agents SHOULD NOT expose
descendants of this element through the platform accessibility API. If user
agents do not hide the descendant nodes, some information may be read twice.
Are we only talking about the structure of the elements or also about their
In other words, will the accessible name of these elements consist of a
flattened string of the accessible name of their descendants, or will the
contents be ignored altogether?

<div role="button"><img alt="submit" src="submit.jpg"></div>
Would I expect screen reader to announce this as "submit button" or just
(announcing this as "submit button image" is definitely out of the
Do I fail this construct as not having an accessible name?

(ditto role="img" "math" "progressbar", "separator", "scrollbar", and

Should I fail this construct as an image lacking a ttext alternative?  
<div classs="backgroundImage" role="img">this is alt text for the background

I cannot come up with an absolute answer for this based on the section
quoted above, especially when my testing with e.g. screen readers is not


Received on Saturday, 14 May 2016 00:08:10 UTC